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Brother sister
Sub-editor : anonymous
Author : anonymous
Catégorie : Misc
Lecture Zen
My 28-year-old brother Mike, is 6' tall, 175 pounds and he has an 8-inch long cock. He and I have been fucking for three years now, ever since I moved in with him after I left my husband. I'm 26 but I look a lot younger because I'm 5'6' tall and I weigh 118 pounds when I'm dripping wet. We're both from Nordic stock with lots of Viking in our blood. I don't think that there's been anyone in our family who hasn't had light blonde hair for as far back as our family history goes.
A few weeks after I moved in, I got horny and started drinking, which only made me hornier. Mike was out and I just got naked right there in the living room and began playing with myself. I'd gotten used to masturbating after sex with my minute-man husband (he never would go down on me, though he expected me to give him head,) so I was rubbing my clit and fucking my sloppy cunt with three fingers, trying to make my- self cum.
I never heard Mike open the door. He told me he was standing there for a minute or two before I finally noticed him. Even then, I was so caught up in my sex fever and so close to cumming that I didn't even attempt to hide myself. I just kept finger-fucking myself right there in front of my brother. As a matter of fact it turned me on even more to know that he was watching me do myself.
When I finally saw him standing there, I didn't care if he was my brother or not. I just knew I needed to be fucked and Mike was a man with a prick.
'I need some loving,' I groaned. I spread my cunt lips wide and showed him how wet I was. 'See how ready I am for a nice, hard dick? Ooh, wouldn't you like to fuck me, Mike? Nobody'll know. Wouldn't you like to suck on my tits?' I grabbed my pink-tipped 34s and squeezed. 'Hmm, I bet your mouth would feel great on these.'
Mike took a few steps toward me then he stopped. 'Damn it, Maureen, you're drunk. And quit that.' He reached down and pulled my arm. I surprised him by quickly reaching up and putting my hand smack on his crotch. It was my turn to be surprised then because I felt a length of python the size of which was bigger than any I'd felt before. No shit! Mike didn't make a move to stop me. He told me later that the feel of my hand on his cock was too good to stop. And he'd always thought I was sexy anyway, so what the fuck, right?
Well, I unzipped him and hauled out his hard pussy prod. What a sight, especially when you're hot and horny and just a bit drunk, to have your own brother's stiff cock in hand. It literally jumped in my hand, throbbing with every beat of his heart. I skinned the foreskin back and looked at the bright purple knob of his dick. Nah, Mike wasn't at all upset that his baby sister had his cock in her hand.
And that's why I didn't bother to ask if I could give him head. I mean, every guy likes to get his pipes cleaned, to have someone suck his dick. And I just love to suck dick, especially a big, fat, juicy one, like Mike's. So I just went ahead and sucked that big purple knob between my lips like we were long-time lovers.
Mike let out a groan and his knees seemed to weaken for a second, but he grabbed my head lightly and guided me, setting a rhythm he liked. I fondled his nuts and pushed his jeans down his hairy, muscular thighs and went to town sucking on his thick dick meat.
He liked that action, alright. I've yet to meet a man who doesn't like getting his wick tongued. Any man who says he doesn't like getting his cock sucked is either lying or has never had it done right. I'm proud to say that I'm a great cocksucker. And I used all my tricks on my brother's dick.
'God damn, but that's good!' Mike told me. Of course it was. His crotch smelled sweaty and a little like piss, but his dick tasted good, especially since I hadn't sucked a cock in months and also since it was my brother's cock it seemed to be special. I think any woman who's sucked her brother's dick knows the feeling.
While I mouthed his meat, I unfastened his pants and pushed them down his hairy legs. He put his hands on my head to steady himself as I removed his shoes and got his pants off. When I took my mouth off his cock for a few seconds, it stuck out wet and red and eager for more sisterly attention.
'Do you like the way I suck your dick, Mike?' I asked as I licked the sides of his boner.
'Shit, yeah, Maureen, keep doin' me,' he said, his dick twitching and dribbling pre-squirt from the slit. My cunt needed some attention, though, so I laid back on the floor and gave him my best 'so fuck me' look.
'But I'm your brother,' he said. 'I can't fuck my own sister. It's not right.'
'Says who?' I asked him. 'Your cock says it's okay. So does my pussy. And who else is going to know?' I think Mike spent 3 or 4 seconds thinking it over before he climbed between my legs and slipped me his meat.
'Ah, hot twat, good stuff, tight 'n' juicy,' he whispered as he worked that hot dick in. I raised my hips and my clit rubbed against his shaft with every thrust. I was on one long cum ride the whole time he was dicking me. He was dripping sweat by the time he came in me like he was trying to put out a fire with his spunk. Come to think of it, maybe he was.
Well, that broke the ice and we just fucked and sucked like crazy for days. At one point we were lying in bed and talking about fuck films and videos and Mike told me he had seen a video of a couple who were related and one thing led to another and we were talking about making videos to sell. Mike showed me a paper he had of people who swapped and bought amateur videos and I suggested that maybe we could earn some extra cash doing that stuff.
We borrowed a video camera and set it up in the living room and recreated that first time. I was naked and frigging myself and Mike walked in and everything. When we played the tape back, I made notes about things to avoid in other tapings (Don't look at the camera; don't block the action; talk louder) and we decided to try some other scene because it was a hot watching ourselves.
Here's how the second tape goes:
I'm laying in the floor wearing shorts and a T-shirt and I've got my hair in pigtails. I'm thumbing through books and brochures on colleges. Mike is sitting in a chair reading the paper. We put some gray in his hair to make him look older.
'Daddy, I don't want to go to college,' I say, throwing a book down.
'Now what's wrong, precious?' 'Daddy' Mike says.
'I'm 21 years old now and I can do what I want, can't I?' I asked.
'I guess so,' Mike says. 'What do you want?'
'Well . . . I want to suck on your big dick, Daddy!' I rub my hand up Mike's thigh and he lets me take out his stiff cock.
'I don't know what I'm going to do with you, daughter,' he says as I start licking his prick like a lollipop. 'You can't just live here forever sucking my dick.'
'I know that, Daddy. That's why I wanna fuck you, too!' I shimmy out of my shorts and Mike pulls my top off and I climb into his lap and sit on his dick while I face the camera. 'Oh, Daddy, your big dick feels so good in me. I don't want to fuck with college when I can stay right here and fuck with you!'
I used a remote control to make the camera zoom in on the juicy action and there's a great close-up of Mike's cock ramming into my cunt and churning my juices into a frothy mess. Fleck of white foam cling to the hairs on Mike's full balls.
'Fuck me, Daddy!' I yell as I ride my brother's prick. 'Fuck me real good, Daddy!'
When Mike starts shooting into my cunt, I climb off and suck the last drops of his juice out and then I wink at the camera. THE END.
We also added a solo masturbation scene with me by this mountain stream. Before a company would agree to sell the tape, we had to send proof of our ages, to make sure I really was of age.
Well, within a few months that tape had become the hottest selling amateur tape that company handled and they wanted more.
By then we had been able to buy our own camera and we already had a nice library. Brother catches his sister rummaging through his closet and she sucks him off to calm him down. We re-shot the scene where we had our first fuck and it's really hot. Missy Loses Her Anal Cherry is what we call the tape we made when Mike really did fuck my ass for the first time.
We also were able to hire a cameraman who works for a little cash and a blowjob from yours truly.
We got into other types of sex, too. I met a 40-year-old woman who plays the part of my lesbian aunt in some videos, even in a three-way with Mike.
In one tape, Barbara is our aunt who walks in and catches us humping away. She asks if my husband and his wife know we're screwing around and we say no and ask her not to tell.
'Well, maybe I won't tell. If I can get some of this action,' she says. 'Hmm, that's a nice peter you got there, nephew. How about letting me suck on it?' While she goes down on Mike, I manage to undress her and start licking her clit.
Pretty soon, she's lying down, Mike's slipping the dick to her, and I'm sitting on her face, riding her long tongue and squirming my asshole around on her nose. She makes him pull out and shoot his cum on her tits and then I get to lick his stuff off of her mams.
In another series of tapes, I get it on with other guys. A black guy fucks me as I play a Southern belle who bangs the butler. In another tape I play a hooker who sucks off a business executive (Mike) in his car, then fucks her black pimp and his big-cocked Latino friend. I play a hooker in another tape that is hired by three women who are all society women who want some special thrills. Group sex, lesbian, butt fucking, interracial and incest, we've done it all and in the last few years we've made plenty of videos and lots of money, and we've had a great time doing it.

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