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Daddys Girl
Sub-editor : anonymous
Author :
Catégorie : Incest
Lecture Zen
It was a cool summer evening, the perfect temperature for a swim, I'd decided. I removed my tiny shorts and tank top as i strode past my father's room. He was reading again, and I'd seen that book before. It was an erotic tale I'd read so many times. I eyed the lump in his jeans, smiled at him when he looked up for a moment, and winked. His face burned, I was completely naked walking towards the pool. He mumbled an apology and moved to close his door.

I decided not to worry, the large window in his room faced our beautiful back yard. I saton the edge of the pool, letting my legs dangle in the water briefly. The water was a little bit cold. I removed my legs and laid down on the cold concrete, closing my eyes. My legs lifted and I spread them a bit, exposing my warm shaven pussy.

I've always had a petite figure, but I have small curves in all the right places. I work out, jog every morning, so my muscles are finely toned. I have an even tan, naturally, from lying outside in the sun every so often in our back yard, naked. My hair is a light blonde color and my eyes sparkle blue. So I was never ashamed to lie outside in the nude, and I always appriciated the awed stares that come my way from neighbors. My father's never seen me out here, naked, though, he works very often and never seems to be home when I am. But he is an insanely handsome man. He has an athletic figure, jet black hair, eyes the color of the sea, and a wonderful smile. I've snuck a peek at his penis every so often when he's in the shower, and it looks to be a wonderful 8", I've always wanted to he him naked with a hard-on.

I've been lusting after him since I turned sixteen, that's about two and a half years now. Tonight I decided that I would let him see what he'd been missing. I looked nothing like my mother, she was sort of chubby, not very attractive and I knew that their sex life was terrible. I wanted to show him what I could do. I'd never had sex before, I'd been saving myself for him. But I knew what to do and how to do it. I've seen porn, read books, played with myself... Oh, I've spent countless nights masturbating to the thought of him finally penetrating me, bringing me that insane pleasure, making me scream. Tonight, I convinced myself, would be the night.

I laid a hand on my stomach, tugged briefly at the diamond belly button ring that shone against my skin. My eyes flashed over to my father's window, I needed to know that he was watching. And he was. His mouth gaped open and he stared at me shamelessly. I smirked a little. I pressed a soft hand to my stomach and began to slide it down in between my legs. I rubbed against my clitoris, pushed my fingers barely inside my vagina. I moaned, wanting more. Wanting daddy. My eyes closed and I let my fingers in a bit more, and began to rub my clit with the other hand. I did this until I orgasmed, letting the warm juices cover my palm. My eyes opened, I watched my father as he began to reach down and touch his penis. I brought my hand to my lips, sucked off the juices, one finger at a time.

I continued to lie there, watching my father and he came once, then twice. He vanished from the window, and after a few minutes he was walking out of the glass doors that led to our backyard. I slid silently into the pool, watching him as he approached me wearing nothing but a towel. A smirk found its way onto my face.

"Evening," I greeted him, "what have you been up to on a lovely night such as this one?"

His eyes flashed with desire as I lifted myself from the pool, not bothering to cover myself. "Not much," He cleared his throat, "Working... reading. The usual..." His towel dropped.

I stared at his erection, standing there already oozing precum. His muscles stood out even more in the moonlight. I sauntered over to a chair and laid down on it as if I were trying to get a tan, although the sun had hidden itself hours before. My legs spread and red hot desire flashed through me as my father proceeded to lie down on the chair next to mine, his huge erection standing straight up, dripping a little. His eyes danced across my body, and at that moment I knew that he wanted it as much as I did. He wanted this incestous relationship to happen, too.

Without letting myself dwell on it any longer, I stood up, closed the space between us, and sat on the chair with him. His eyes never left me, and I smiled as his eyes watched the space between my legs moisten.

I batted my eyelashes at him, "Daddy, why have you hidden this from me for so long?" I began to stroke his hard cock with my soft fingers.

"Honey, I shouldn't have. I am a fool." He closed his eyes and moaned a little bit from inside his throat. I brought my lips to his penis and began to lick the precum from it, then began to put the whole thing in my mouth and let him fuck my face. My pink lips nearly swallowed all of his erection, until I began to choke and sputter when my dad's eyes flashed open. "Oh, Meredith, we shouldn't..."

I sat up again as his cum dripped from my lips. "Why not, daddy? You can't say you don't like this, I know you do..." I began to tickle his head.

"Oh sweetie... You know I like it, and I want it so badly, but it's wrong--- "

"Please, daddy? Please do this for me. I've wanted this for so long... I've wanted you for so long. I need you. I want you inside of me." I began to play with my clit and his expression changed from pained to full of desire as he watched me touch myself. "You like to watch me do that, don't you?" I began to slide my fingers into my vagina and moaned loudly. "Oh, daddy, it feels so good. I know it would feel even better, so much better if that was you in there..." I eyed him, pleading. He licked his lips and I grabbed his hand, brought his fingers to the wetness of my pussy. I rubbed my clit as he began to pound into my pussy. I moaned, it felt so good to have him finally there.

This continued until I orgasmed three times. At this point, I couldn't wait. I need to have that thick erection of his deep inside my pussy. I pushed him down on the chair and he grunted. "Daddy, fuck me. Fuck me like a whore, daddy, please!" I grabbed his penis andshoved it inside me.

At first it hurt, but only a little. After the first few thrusts, I was moaning and screaming for more. I couldn't let him stop. It would kill me.

I heated up inside as his hips met mine with wild, quick thrusts, each time getting him impossibly deeper inside of me. I could stay like this forever, watching my dad's face as he grunted in pleasure. His eyes met mine and shone the way they did when he was intensely happy, and I wanted to make this better for him. So in between the loud moans I muttered or screamed things to him. "Oh yes daddy, that's right... Yes, oh, Jesus, right there! Don't stop! Daddy... Your cock is so hard inside me... Yes, daddy, Fuck me!! Fuck me hard! Oh! Yes!"

After a few minutes of this, heat shot through me and our bodies began to shudder. "Yes, daddy. That's right. Cum inside your daughter's virgin pussy!" We climaxed together right there, and with our release I relaxed on top of him. I smiled up and him, his cock was still inside of me as I mumbled, "Thank you, Daddy. I've wanted this for so long."

My eyes fluttered closed for a bit as I laid there, listening to his heart beat inside his chest. My eyes opened to see my neighbors staring over at us in shock. This aroused me even more, I was suddenly horny again. I sat up and removed myself from my father's stiffening cock as he realized the neighbors had seen all of that. Apparently, it turned him on too.

As I stood up my gaze found the glass dors that led to our house. To my extreme suprise, my mother was standing there in the doorway, a furious expression twisting her face. I smiled at her, "Wonderful night, I think."

She stomped over to me and grabbed my hair. "You little whore. You think I didn't see that? You think you wouldn't get in trouble for it?" She shoved me to the ground, onto my knees. "Stan, stand up. Over here." He did as he was told, a frightened expression on his face. I smiled. Looking at me again, she said, "You like sex, huh? Suck his cock. Suck it." I did as I was told.

My father looked uncomfortable despite his pleasure. "Martha, please..."

She looked at him sternly. "Shut up. Fuck her face. I know you can, I watched you do it. Shove the whole thing down her throat."

He followed her orders. I coughed. She took off her clothes and sat on one of the chairs. "Here," she spat, "come here." She spread her legs. "Try it. Lick it. You might even enjoy it." She smirked evilly, and I began to lick her soaking pussy. She rubbed her clit as I worked my tongue deep inside of her. She looked back at her husband. "Fuck her, Stan. Fuck her from behind. Doggie style." He did as he was told and I moaned with pleasure as he entered me. She slapped my face.

"You like that, huh?" She moaned loudly. We all began to shudder with orgasm, I screamed inside my mother's legs. "Oh, yeah. Yes, lick mommy's pussy. See how wet you make me? Oh god, don't stop." I began to lick and suck her clit and brought my fingers to her pussy, working my way inside her the way I would myself. Palm up, fingers deeper and deeper inside her, searching for her G spot, wanting to make her scream again. She did. This made me a hell of a lot more horny.

"Dad," I ordered, "Go get one of those strap ons..." He backed out of me and ran toward the house. I continued to touch my mother, she didn't object.

Finally he came outside with the strap on, and I proceeded to put it on. I pushed my mother back to lay on the chair and eased the plastic dick inside of her, slowly, driving her crazy. Finally I thrust deep inside of her, and began to fuck her as if I'd done it a million times. She moaned and screamed, and right before she orgasmed, I cruelly took the dildo out of her and began to lick and suck at her pussy. She screamed louder and louder until finally her juices sprayed onto my face.

I turned around, winked at the neighbors and instructed my father to sit down. My mother began masturbating as I passionately kissed my daddy, beginning to straddle my fathers erection and slowly impale myself onto it. I began to fuck him, moaning and screaming into his chest until I'd orgasmed more than three times. After this I simply walked away, leaving my two exhausted parents outside breathing loudly.

I took a warm shower, reflecting on what had just happened.

After the shower, I dried myself off, and started over toward the computer. I had to share this experience with everyone...

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