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Mom's Date
Sub-editor : anonymous
Author : anonymous
Catégorie : Shocking
Lecture Zen
It all started after my husband left me, to fuck our 11 year old daughter (who he'd been fucking since she was six years old! I kicked his ass out of the house and never wanted to see him again.
But after a while when I couldn't get the terrible thoughts of him and my baby girl out of my mind I found that for some strange and perverted reason the thought of my husband fucking our daughter made me aroused.
I didn't want to admit that something so terrible was making me horny, but I started to ponder the penis in my teenage son's pants I knew I was totally over the top.
The idea of seducing my own son into fucking me gave me many hot solo nights as I masturbated myself to great orgasms. Without really admitting it to myself I began to lay out a plan to get my 15 year-old son to screw my brains out.
I started by walking around the house without a top on during the day, my enormous breasts uncovered and exposed to the view of my horny teenage son, who couldn't take his eyes off them. The bulge in his jeans told me how he was responding.
I deliberately grazed his cheek with my nipples any time I got near him, and I made a point of pushing them right onto his hot young flesh. When I tucked him in at night, (which I hadn't done since he was 10) I made sure that the full weight of my naked breasts were resting on his young teenage chest. I went out of my way to brush my HOT WET PUSSY up against his hand or leg when I could reasonably do so without giving the game away, leaving a trail of cunt juice on his skin.
These teasing experiences coaxed me into increasingly lewd acts with my horny and willing son. I stopped wearing panties altogether, so that it was easier to spread my legs and expose my pussy to my son. I started to sit on his lap, sometimes leaving a big spot of cunt juice on his shorts; or I would straddle one leg, so that my pussy was right on the bare flesh of his thigh, and my cunt juices were running down his leg.
I started to play with my son's penis while on his lap, which always made it hot and hard. His firm lean body drove me crazy with lust, I knew that I shouldn't go any further with my perverted fantasies, but it was hard not to.
I found that I just had to see him nude, so I began walking in on him taking showers. Several times I walked into his bedroom just in time to catch him in the act of jerking-off.
He must have figured out what I wanted, because he started to lounge around the house naked. He wore only a towel that would slip off at convenient moments. (Once the neighbor's 8 year-old daughter was there when the towel fell off, and she instantly took hold of my son's cock and played with it until he shot off all over her hands.)
As our mating ritual leading up to the incestuous fucking I needed so desperately from my son progressed, we both became increasingly horny. It took my son about two weeks of flirting, for him to realize that the next thing to do was to ask me out on a date.
I was aroused that my boy would want to step out with me. I had to admit that I looked old enough to be his mother, but if he wanted to be seen with me as his date- - well, I was up for that.
For our date I wore a see-through blouse with no bra and a micro-mini skirt with no underwear. Whenever I bent over I could hear the guys around us comment nervously, and re-arrange the front of their trousers. (Lots of guys made no effort to hide their erections).
My son took me to dinner at a restaurant in the next town. We took a dark booth at the back, where he could not hold himself back, and he openly unbuttoned my blouse and began to fondle and squeeze my breasts; he was soon sucking on them so loudly that people were turning around to see what was going on.
To my surprise, he constantly referred to me as 'Mom,' so that anyone who could over-hear our conversation KNEW that this young man was DATING HIS OWN MOTHER! (Apparently the forbidden nature of incest arouses my son intensely, especially when we engage in sex in public; in front of strangers.)
My son would not let me button up my blouse, so that he could continue to openly grope my breasts in front of the waitresses and the maitre'd. When a waitress came up to the table he was sucking my tit. He looked up and told her in no uncertain terms that I was his mother and that he was going to FUCK ME that night. The young woman turned white as a sheet and fled, but the teenager who replaced her showed his approval with a swelling bulge at his crotch.
After dinner we went to a movie, where all the stops came out. Between my son sucking my tits and fingering my cunt, the air filled up with the aroma of horny pussy. His loud sucking noises and his language left no doubt to anyone near us that this teenager was having INCESTUOUS SEX with his own mother! This action made me too horny to resist, so I gave my son a blowjob right there in the theatre! He came in my mouth fast, and I swallowed it all down.
When the lights went up neither of us stopped to witness the looks and stares we got from the crowd who had been let in on our little secret, because we were too horny and all we wanted to do was GO HOME AND FUCK!
We didn't wait to get home either, to start stripping off our clothes. We were so hot we got no further than the front living room, where my 15 year-old hung stud son FUCKED MY BRAINS OUT with the curtains and the front door wide open, so that anyone wandering by -- drawn by my moans of pleasure from the big penis my son was shafting me with - would stumble into viewing our blatant act of incest.
As my son vigorously humped me the way only a young strong horny teenage boy can, he taunted me, 'YOU LIKE MY COCK, DON'T YOU MOM? YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT. YOU'RE SUCH A SLUT; YOU DO IT WITH YOUR OWN SON! Boy, if dad could see us now...'
People DID walk by and look in. My son's friends came up to the door just in time to see their pal fucking his own mother... We did it in the living room in open view again and again, because we both got turned on by being seen engaging in incest. The postman, the gasman, the neighbor's six teenage sons, my ex-husband, the Jehovah's Witnesses! It was so good; I DIDN'T CARE WHO SAW US FUCKING!
Our incest became the dirty little sex secret in town, which we just loved. My son would get a hard-on anytime we found a place to fuck where we could be caught-in- the-act. He loved to open my blouse in public, at the bank or in restaurants, and expose my breasts to the men there; or to his teenage buddies; while OPENLY FONDLING them.
After my son got me pregnant me and I began lactating, he started to openly SUCK my breasts for MILK... It didn't matter who was present, my son had no inhibitions. The men and teenager boys around us never failed to get visible erections watching my son suck his mother's tits in public.
We pay the rent by charging my son's young friends admittance to watch us fuck; when he made me pregnant, the number of people who wanted to watch, and the admission fee, both doubled.
For the first month, we fucked several times a day: When we woke up; before my son went to school; after he got home from school; before dinner; and before sleep. During that first month my son's sperm made me pregnant, and we started to sleep naked together, as man and wife, in my bedroom.

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