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A Mother's New Love For Her Son
Sub-editor : anonymous
Author : anonymous
Catégorie : Straight
Lecture Zen
Daniel sat there for a moment dumbfounded. He was sitting just inches behind his own mother who was lying face down naked on the bed, on her knees, with her ass elevated in the air, as she rubbed herself toward orgasm. He wasn't quite sure what to do. As he watched her play with herself. He noticed a small amount of gel still to one side of his mother's pussy. He instinctively reached for the gel to wipe it away. As he did so, he heard his mother now moan out loud. He was taken back by this for a moment and thought that maybe he should stop. But then he also noticed that his mother was still working feverishly to bring herself to pleasure.
He knew it was wrong, but Daniel slowly stuck his hand toward the underside of his mother. When he barely touched the lower folds of her pussy, she moaned aloud again. Daniel kept his hand planted and extended two fingers slowly and let them glide inside the soft flesh of his mother. When his fingers were about half inside, she suddenly lunged her hips backward causing Daniel's fingers to penetrate deep inside her. Daniel's mother now cried out loud with pleasure. Daniel's mother then started rocking back and forth fucking Daniel's fingers. Daniel was now rock hard and thought he might explode just at the sight before him.
All of the sudden, Daniel's mother lunged forward and caused Daniel's fingers to slip from inside of her pussy.
'Daniel??.Daniel honey?'
'Yes mom' he answered knowing they had gone too far.
'Daniel, are you touching yourself?' she asked out of breath.
'No mom' he said emphatically.
'Oh honey?..why the hell not?' she said in a huff.
'Come on baby' she said reaching back and grabbing his shirt. 'Take this off. Take everything off. I want you to masturbate with me. It's ok if we just masturbate each other.'
'Yes momma' Daniel said with a childish glee. He made quick work of his clothes while his mother went back to rubbing herself. Once he had his clothes off. He drew closer to his mother and placed his right hand back under his mother and inserted his two fingers inside her again. His left hand was already stroking his rock hard cock.
'Daniel, come closer baby' said his mother. She reached far underneath herself to find Daniel's cock with her hand. He lowered himself a bit enabling her to take hold of him. As she started to stroke him, he continued to fuck her with his fingers. He inserted a third stretching her pussy wider. She moaned again in pleasure. She slowed her strokes on his cock.
'Daniel?' she spoke up.
'Yes momma' Daniel said, between moans.
'Daniel, can you stay hard after you cum the first time?' she asked.
'Most times I can momma. It depends how it's stroked and how much stimulation it has'
'Good boy' she replied. 'I want you to cum and shoot it all up and down my ass and on my pussy'
'Yes momma' Daniel said almost bursting from the way his mother was talking to him.
She began stroking him faster now. He tried to keep fingering her, but he had a hard time concentrating on his own pleasure. As she stoked him faster and faster, his fingers fell from her and he rested back a bit on his legs while kneeling behind her. The first wave hit and it sent a large stream of cum up her backside. Some splattered on her back and the rest on her ass. Two more streams shot forth and covered her anus and pussy. Finally the spasms subsided and Daniel's mother's entire backside was dripping with cum.
'Good boy' she said slowing her strokes. 'Now you will last longer'.
'Yes momma. I'm sorry, I will concentrate more on your pleasure now' Daniel apologized.
'Damn straight' he thought he heard her say. Before Daniel could even start fingering her again, she pulled his cock closer. She pulled it underneath her and began stoking again. It had started to get a little soft, but got hard quickly when she stroked him quickly again. Daniel was trying to position himself to finger her again, but it was difficult due to having his cock so far under her. Before he could say a word, his mother pushed up on his cock and it slid directly into her pussy.
Daniel wasn't sure what to do. His mother didn't let him wait long. She reached back with both hands and placed them on Daniel's hips.
'Daniel' she said softly. 'Fuck mommy'.
Daniel couldn't believe what he had heard. He also couldn't believe what he was doing. He was in some run down motel, totally naked and had his rock hard dick inside his own mother. The perversity of is all was enough to make his dick swell even more. His mother must have felt it because she let out another soft moan. Daniel then started to slide in and out of his mother slowly fucking her. The feelings that Daniel felt were perverse, exciting and very pleasurable. His mother seemed to be feeling much of the same. At least definitely in the pleasure aspect. Each time Daniel would put himself fully inside her, he would hear her moan softly. His mother was right; he was lasting longer having already cum once. He felt the immense pleasure, but was able to control it to give his mother the gratification she deserved. He continued pumping in and out of her for the next five minutes without stopping.
'Daniel' he heard his mother softly speak.
'Yes momma?' he answered back continuing to slowly fuck her.
'Daniel?..Daniel honey stop'she whispered.
Daniel froze in his position. He knew all along what they were doing was wrong. Now she too became aware and wanted to stop. He slowly slid out of her as she moved forward and then rolled over to one side. She looked up at him for the first time since this had all started.
'Daniel, lay down here on your back next to momma', she said quietly.
Daniel moved forward and laid down flat and then turned himself to lie on his back next to his mother, as she wanted. Daniel knew she was disappointed in him and he felt shame in what he had done. His rock hard erection was quickly dissolving. His mother took quick notice and gently grabbed Daniel's penis.
'Don't let him go away yet' she whispered. 'He has a bit more work ahead'
Daniel's mother gently stroked him as she sat up next to Daniel and swung one leg across his pelvis and straddled her boy. Daniel then realized that she didn't want him to stop. She just wanted to change positions.
She smiled softly at Daniel. 'I just wanted to be able to see my baby boy while he fucks his momma'. That was all it took to make Daniel rock hard again.
'That's better,' said Daniel's mother when she felt the instant growth in her hand. She leaned up a bit and guided Daniel inside her once again. As she let loose and rocked back, she placed her hands on her hips and slowly started to slide up and down on her son's cock. She closed her eyes for a moment and enjoyed the sensation.
'Is that what my boy likes?' she said without opening her eyes. 'Does my boy like it when his mommy talks dirty to him?'
Daniel didn't know what to say. He knew that he did love the sight of his mother bouncing up and down on his cock. He loved looking at her breasts. He had never been with a girl that was larger than a C-cup.
'Daniel?' his mother said opening her eyes and looking down at him. 'You ok honey?'
'Yes mom' he said looking back into her eyes.
'What are you thinking honey?' she asked. He paused for a moment, 'I don't know. I mean, I guess I know, but, it's not easy to say'
'Daniel, do you enjoy looking at me?' she asked not taking her eyes from his but continuing to ride him slowly.
'Yes' he answered shyly.
'Well then tell momma what you are thinking. Girls often like it when you can tell them what you are thinking while you are with them.' Daniel paused again. 'I like the way you look momma. I like looking at your breasts.' Daniel decided to take a little initiative and slowly moved his hand from where it had been resting on his mother's leg. He lifted it slowly toward her chest as his mother leaned in a bit closer to Daniel.
'How's that honey?' she asked.
Daniel moved his other hand to her other breast. He was now groping his mother, rubbing her breast, and occasionally even applying slight pressure to her nipples. When he did squeeze her nipples or play a little rough, she seemed to enjoy it as evidenced by a subtle moan.
'Do you like them honey? Tell momma' she encouraged.
'Yes momma. I love the way they feel. I love the way they bounce every time you move up and down riding my cock' Daniel said brazenly.
Daniel's mother closed her eyes after his last remark and moaned a bit louder. 'Oh God Daniel, please don't stop, you're getting good at this.' His mother kept riding him and kept her eyes shut as he started in again. 'I just love looking at your body mommy. It's so beautiful to me. I love the way you look naked. When you first took off your robe and I got to see all of you, I was more excited to see you naked than anyone I have ever been with. I saw your breasts and I wanted to touch them. I wanted to suck on them. I wanted to explore your entire body with my hands and my tongue'
Daniel's mother kept her eyes shut and her breathing was heavier and her rhythm a bit faster. Daniel continued his verbal pleasuring of her. 'When I came out of the bathroom and saw you lying there on the bed naked, I had such wild thoughts. I thought about what it would be like to feel your pussy. I thought about what it would feel like to stick my fingers in you, and I thought about how exciting it would be if I actually got to fuck my own mother.'
Daniel's mother started breathing a bit more erratic and she stopped riding Daniel and seemed to grind and buck for a moment. He could feel her body tighten and he saw the tension on her face. It probably only lasted a few seconds, but seemed like forever to Daniel. A moment later, his mother resumed her previous rhythm and started riding Daniel again.
She leaned further forward and lowered her lips to the side of Daniel's head and whispered in his ear. 'How did that feel honey?'
Daniel thought he knew what had happened, but not being quite sure responded, 'What's that momma?' Daniel's mom moaned again softly in his ear. 'First thing Daniel, when you call me mother, mommy or momma, it absolutely drives me to the point of cumming. That's because it is so exciting to know that I am actually fucking my own son.'
She felt Daniel's dick grow a bit harder when she said that.
She smiled slightly and continued, 'Secondly, what I wanted to know in the first place was how it felt. I wanted to know how it made you feel inside knowing that you just brought a woman to an orgasm by just the choice of words you used. I wanted to know how it made you feel knowing that you had the power to say things so exciting, that just the mention of them actually made your own mother cum.'
Daniel's cock hardened again and his mother felt him swell inside her.
'Is my boy getting ready to come?' she asked.
'Not just yet momma' he replied.
'Let see if we can change that,' said Daniel's mother.
She started to rise up and then let Daniel fall out of her. She raised her leg over his pelvis again and climbed off of the boy. 'Sit up and scoot over' she instructed. Daniel sat up and moved to one side of the bed. His mother then lay back in the spot where Daniel had been. She adjusted the pillow beneath her head, then spread her legs wide and held out her arms. 'Come fuck mommy honey' she said with a loving smile. Daniel moved in between her legs and leaned forward. He placed his arms out to the sides of his mother as she helped to ease him on top of her. He looked down and reached back, sliding his cock back into his mother. She moaned again when he did so and he looked back up toward her. 'Sorry honey' she said with a smile. 'It just feels so good having your son put his dick in you.'
Daniel smiled and they shared a small laugh. Her face turned a bit more serious for a moment as she reached down behind Daniel. She grabbed his ass with both hands, spread her legs wider, and pulled her boy deep inside her. She threw her head back and screamed with pleasure. She held him deep inside her for a moment and then she softened her grip. She lowered her head again and her eyes met Daniel's.
'Daniel, mommy wants you to fuck her. Please Daniel, fuck mommy.'
She felt Daniel turn rock hard once again and he immediately started slowly pumping in and out of his mother. He took slow deliberate strokes and every so often he would plow deep inside her causing her to scream with pleasure. He looked down at her chest and could not resist the sight before him. He moved down and stroked her nipples with his tongue. He circled her breasts with his tongue while continuing to glide in and out of his mother's warm pussy. He took her nipples in his mouth and sucked on them hard causing her more pleasure. He went for about 5 more minutes just continuing this routine until his mother lifted his head from her chest.
'Daniel,' she said calmly, 'I think I'm going to cum again. I want you to do it at the same time. Are you close?'
'Yes momma, I think so' Daniel replied.
'Well I'm about to burst, so let's see if we can get you any closer,' his mother said with a smile.
'Ok' Daniel smiled back.
'Oh fuck, you just feel so good inside me,' his mother said in a soft but seductive voice. 'You remember how momma had you cum before and shoot it all over me?'
'Yes momma' Daniel said still moving his cock in and out of his mother.
'Well,' she said softly, 'this time I want you inside of me. I want to feel my baby's cum in my pussy. I want to feel your cock spasm and shoot load after load in me.'
Daniel's pace quickened and his mother felt him on the verge. She too was ready at any moment.
'Oh please Daniel. I am so close. Just think about all of it. Here you are in some cheap motel lying totally naked on top of your own mother. And you're not just lying on top of her totally naked body; you're pumping your hard cock inside her repeatedly. Daniel, you're fucking your own mother in some cheap motel. And the really disgusting thing is that both of us are loving every minute of it. Oh baby, please cum for momma. All it will take is feeling you coat my pussy with your warm cum. Please Daniel, let mommy have you. Please baby, cum for momma, cum inside your mother.'
She could see that her words had hit their mark. Daniel pumped harder as his body tensed and face strained. Daniel's mother shut her eyes and felt her own son start the wonderful spasm inside her. She felt it spray up in her and it all became too much for her as she opened her mouth, but no noise was made. She gulped the air in search of breath. She had never experienced anything so powerful in her life. She couldn't talk, she couldn't scream, she couldn't make a noise. She was paralyzed with the pleasure that her own son was bestowing on her body. It seemed like an eternity before the pleasure subsided. In it all, she lost track of Daniel. When she looked down, he was still thrusting himself in and out of her soaked pussy.
'Daniel?' she said taking the boys face in her hands.
He looked up toward his mother with almost tears in his eyes. 'Oh mommy, it just feels so good.' Her heart was overwhelmed. Her body had been taken to heaven and back and now her own son was filling her heart with warmth she had not felt in years. 'Oh Daniel' she said raising his face to meet hers. She raised her head off the pillow to gently touch her lips to his. She felt the soft flesh press against hers and gave Daniel a small kiss. Their lips parted and her head came back to rest on the pillow. Their faces were still just inches from each other and Daniel looked deep into the eyes of his mother. Daniel's mother was a little uncertain of the gaze on Daniel's face and began to question it. Before she could do so, Daniel lowered his head and pressed his lips to hers. She returned the kiss again, but Daniel didn't stop at just a peck. He slowly kissed her again, longer, more passionately. Daniel's mother thought about stopping him for a moment, but then thought, he is my son, I'm not going to hurt him by denying my love for him.
She continued to let Daniel softly kiss her. Then he did something unexpected. His tongue lightly danced across her lips. Then she did something unexpected. She opened her mouth and began to kiss her son in a manor in which only lovers would. She only gave it a moment of pause and then decided to let herself go. Here was a wonderful loving young man who was now not just having sex with his mom, but making love to his mother. She wasn't sure if it was the fact that this all was so taboo, or that she hadn't felt anything like this in such a long time, but she did know that she was taken. She surrendered her body to her lover, to her son. They kissed passionately as he continued to slide his cock in and out of her body. She wrapped her legs around his ass pulling him in tighter. This made him kiss her harder and fuck her harder too. Daniel's mother played the scene in her mind over and over. Her new lover was fantastic in bed. He fucked her like she wanted to be fucked and he cared about her pleasure. He was attentive, he was caring, and he was in love with her. He was closer than anyone else could ever be; he was her son.
This thought danced through her mind for the next half-hour while Daniel continued to fuck her, to kiss her passionately, and to make exquisite love to her. She had lost count of all the orgasms. At one point, they seemed to come in wave after wave.
Finally, after one more time feeling Daniel tense up and enjoy the spasms running through his body, he collapsed on top of her. She rubbed her lover's back and neck and ran her fingers gently through his hair. They both fell asleep wondering what things would be like when they awoke. They also both hoped that the new bond they had found would continue to bring them many more pleasures together.

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