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La vérité d'une femme
Sub-editor : anonymous
Author : anonymous
Catégorie : Misc
Lecture Zen
Later that evening, the two lovers lay nestled in the proximity of their recent union. Katherine, comfortably resting on her side, lifted her heavy eyelids to see the Spaniard on her back, fast asleep. Katherine was positioned as if a child nestled next to their parent... clinging on to her body as if it meant everything so dear to her heart. Her right arm lay draped across the Spaniard's stomach, hand and fingertips lightly caressing her lover's arm with attentive finesse. Her other arm tucked beneath the Spaniard's head-- as if it were a soft pillow reserved exclusively for her, and her alone. Bringing her right thigh upward, Katherine eased her thick leg upward with a hushed sigh-rousing herself from her snug and secure state. These were the moments of affection Katherine dreamt of as a child... hoping she would find these very moments she was now partaking in. She had just experienced the most anticipated moment of her entire 21 years of life. Vivid flashbacks of the night before raced across her mind's eye, brining a genuine smile upon her face. The golden hued woman's skin felt wonderful against her own... So warm... so right. Just as it should be. And just as she exhaled another gracious sigh, she saw her lover's eyes stir... Catching her breath, Katherine's eyes quickly ensured that the very first sight her slave would behold would be that of her freshly unearthed paramour. Flickering her eyes to gain focus, the weary eyed slave soon recognized whose face was near at hand. A thin smile broke the sleeping vixen's stoic, restful face as Katherine accepted this as a sign of her approval of her. With a low moan of seductiveness beneath her breath, Katherine crept forward as her sweetened, unfettered hair fell about her enchanter's glowing face. Her delicate movements were that as to a blossoming flower of spring. Christening the new day (and new life) with a lengthy kiss, Katherine cupped her lover's chin with her fingertips. Eyes closed and mouth agape, Katherine quietly skimmed the lips she so longed for with her own. 'My fond governess, how my soul longs to be entwined with yours... my utterances falls upon deaf ears, or perhaps you heed my words of undying devotion for you.' A full kiss ensued as she once more leaned back to continue... Indeed this presented Katherine with a unique challenge. Considering this was the first person she was ever intimate with, how would she bestow this woman with her unconditional love without words? Katherine glowed with a smile as she accepted the challenge, no matter what the costs might have been.
The two spent the evening preparing for their journey back to the residence on the morrow. It was a joyous evening spent with countless embraces, several moments where their lips bathed in each other's torrid saliva. Katherine took notice of how delighted the Spaniard was behaving. Even though the barriers of language stood between the two newly christened lovers, Katherine made every attempt to bequeath the Spaniard with her overflowing joy. As the laughs and frolics gradually faded into nightfall, the two fell back into one another's arms, and into the soothing confines of their warm bed. Arms and legs gradually spiraled together as the Spaniard rested her head between the dip of Katherine's neck and shoulder. Shuddering by this act of nurturing, Katherine sealed her arms around the woman, sighing in pure contentment.
'I love you, dear one.' Whispered Katherine as she felt the embrace being lovingly returned. That proved to her that even without the understanding of language, that her lover could interpret her tone and inflections.
With that, the two slipped away into the warm slumber of each other's love.
Katherine awoke the next day to see the carriage outside waiting for her. Gathering her belongings, she debated how she should present her newfound mistress. Would outfitting the Spaniard in one of her own garments reveal an intimate affinity, or should she be treated in the similar fashion when she was purchased? There was no time for self debate... Katherine's Father was now knocking at her door with requests for an immediate departure. Against her will, Katherine unwillingly placed the very threads she so gloriously shed the night before back upon the Spaniard. The casting off of the garments seemed so significant, so true in the Spaniard's quest for growth. She was simply no longer a slave to Katherine... she was her equal, and in some ways, her loving superior. The Spaniard noticed the hesitancy in Katherine's expression as she was dressed, yet understood her lover's dilemma. With a gentle caress upon Katherine's young supple face, the Spaniard eased Katherine's distress with a telling smile. The doubts vanished as their gaze anointed each other's full attention.
Heavy shackles were latched to the Spaniard's wrists and ankles, just as they were two days prior. The same rags once again hung from her body as she was carelessly tossed upon the flat carriage behind the main procession. Stiff straw was the only barrier between her flesh and the inflexible coarse wood below. Kneeling up, the Spaniard attempted to settle herself in for what was to be a seven-hour journey back to the Richardson's homestead. It was an insufferable trek...
Not only did the young female have to tolerate the unfriendly bumps and jostles, but also she warded off the unwelcome advances from Tibbs, the Richardson's main servant. A rugged, brawny man of African descent, she knew Tibbs could quickly overpower her in any attempt of self-gratification. And considering that the main stagecoach was a far enough distance away, any assaults would clearly go unnoticed. The Spaniard comforted herself with the thought of Katherine... wondering if she too suffered from this dreadful separation. Indeed she did...
To be continued...

by mejau71

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