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One Afternoon To Remember Last July

Chapitre 1


by Philippe C de Harles ?

Hi, I want to share with you an experience that happened to me last summer. In this sunny afternoon, I walked for about fifteen minutes along the farm of my father-in-law to pick up some strawberries. I found lots of them and when both of my cans were full I stood up and as I was stretching myself I saw that my jeans were stained with many red spots, my hands were all smeared too but they smelled and tasted so good. With the ones that I had eated I was sure that I must have looked like a kid with all these red spots on my face but as I was all alone in this field nobody cared. To protect myself against the sun and the mosquitos I wore a long-sleeved shirt but now I was walking in an old deserted gravel road I wanted to take the most of this sunny day so I had just take off both my shirt and my jeans when I heard a car coming by. It appear on the top of the small hill coming very fast and with the soft gravel it began to slide from side to side for what seemed a lost of control. Fortunately the driver had the control of his car and for the first time I saw that the driver is a woman. The more this car was coming by my side the more I was interested by this nice looking woman.

When she was close I saw that she is a mature woman perhaps in her middle fortieth. She stops her car and smiles at me very friendly. This woman asks me if the farm with an old barn was still far away. She tells me that she was born on this farm more than forty years ago and as she was in the area for her vacation she want to see it again. You will saw it just pass the curve. All the times we were talking this woman don’t stopped to look at the two cans of strawberries that I was still holding in my hands. She thanks me for giving her information. As we said bye she leaves me with a smile but moment later she stopped the car in the middle of the curve. I watched her looking at me in her mirror. She must had changed her mind because after some hesitation she backed up to my side and without stopping the engine she asked me: How much for one of these strawberries can? No way I sold them. Madam you have just to go anywhere in the fields all around here to find lots by yourself. The woman opened her purse and showed me a ten US dollars bill. I let her know again that I was not interested to sold them especially for money but she was more insistant and she tells me that she want to make a deal. Very curious about this woman I want to know more about her, so I came closer. I put a hand on the door of her car and I take the times to have a better look at her. I must had do this earlier. She wears a very light summer dress with a deep cleavage that catch my attention at once and as the first three buttons were unbuttoned I saw instantly that she wears no bra. I take a deep breathe as I catch hers eyes watching me looking to her buxom bosom. So fascinated by this sexy woman I take the time to gave an eye to all her body. Her dress was hitched so up that I saw her beautiful legs nude to her thigh. I know that without her left hand witch was between her legs I had saw her panties. This woman turned me on instantaneously.

I saw sparks in her eyes as I said that she look very sexy and she thanks me with a sensuous smile. Seeing that she was often looking to the strawberries I take a big one and bring it to her lips. The lady swallowed it in one gulp. I take a full hand and I put them one by one in her mouth as hers eyes don’t stop to play games with mine. I found strange to meet a man who go to pick-up berries. Madam, I’m old enough to take care of myself. Let me tell you a few thinks. First, I like it that way. I’m the kind of guy who likes sometimes to be alone. I work week long with all kind of pushing. Sometimes I like to take a lonely walk in the field and I like especially went I have nothing to care about, like this afternoon. To tell you the true I have a little bit the spirit of a writer and this afternoon it was one of these days when I have an over-flow of inspiration. You bet that I have lots to write on. Madam, all the afternoon I fantasy a lot each times when I found strawberries as big as an erect nipple.

The woman laugh and again I saw sparks in her eyes. I touch to each strawberries as if they were realy like a mature woman large nipple and with my fingers I play delicately with them before gently pressing them between my lips. What a filling it was? To tell you the true be sure that I was filling high as when I wake up after I had a wet dream. It make me almost came in my trousers.

A few times I was a little bit uneasy as this woman catch me looking at her sexy body. So the lady want to see the old place, she remember only that the lake was at the edge of the farm. I don’t care for the bad road. The sport car is my husband’s jewel. To tell you the truth the bastard takes more time to shine it that he does to take care of me his wife. Right now I’m sure that he is sleeping and the bastard must be still drunk from yesterday night. And, as if we where old friends she tells me that they have an argument this morning. I was so angry about my man that it’s why I scram away with his brand new car and I don’t give a dam what can append of it. I’m sure that my husband will again lost control of his nerves if only he knows that I went on a gravel road. And, if he heard that I was driving his car on a so bad road I thinks that he will almost kill me, but who care? The bastard is always cheating on me. He always he act like if he was still single, the poor man can’t say no to each bitch who he meets. Gentleman, since the week-end we are in vacation with all the family and the bastard had found the time to screw with one of our neighbour every single day. Perhaps he think that I’m so stupid, but I know a thing for sure: I’m not a nut. Scratching his car is not enough. When I was crying on myself at the beach this morning I was so angry about my man that I imagined that someday I will have the courage to cheating, too and to screw right on the hood of his car. But first, I will tell you one of my secrets. One of my fantasies is that if all this append a day I wish that I will have the courage to ask someone to take photos of both me and my guest.

I take advantage that she said that to tell this lady that I have always dream to be a voyeur. One’s of my fantasy is that someday I will be lucky enough to watch an other couple in full intercourse. Again as I said that I saw sparks in hers so smiling eyes. She insisted again that I must sold her at least one can of these juicy strawberries before she take my hand. With a so sensual smile she licked all my fingers as hers eyes were cruising me. Filling more confidant I change my mind. Often as we were talking I take the time to take a good look to her upper legs and without be sure I will have bet that she was nude under her dress. I was almost sure that it’s why she was keeping her hand on her thigh to hide her pussy to my now so sneaking eyes.

This nice looking woman was astonished when I tell her what kind of deal I have in mind. But first I touched delicately hers lips with my fingers. I whispered in her ear: I will like it so much to lick yours fingers, too. In a hurry, the lady closed hers legs on her hand as soon as I said that and for the first time I saw that she seems to be a little bit nervous and for the time of a wink her face came red, but, moment later with her more sensual smile she ask me to come a little bit closer. I put my head inside the car and I take the time to give a very good look to both her buxom bosom and to her lower body as I delicately touch her lower neck with my hand. Be sure that I had a big smile in my face when I begin to smell what I was looking for. My fingers touched hers sensual lips when I whispered: I thrust my nose when it tells me that it smells what I was looking for?

Without stopping to look in my eyes the lady react by starting up the engine of her car as I said to her that I will be glad to deal with her if she let me saw her touch herself. For some seconds the woman react by speeding up the engine car a lot. Ouf!, I heave a sigh of relief when she hesitated, I back up a little bit. I know that I had two strikes against me but be sure of one thing it will be the greatest souvenir of all your summer. Earlier you tell me that you will like it so much if someday someone will take picture of you. For my self, I have always dream that someday I will meet a perfect stranger like you who will erotically pose for me. Seeing that she was not leaving, I sit on the ground, I cross my arms and wait. The lady stops the motor of her car. Your eyes tell me that you will like it so much to be an exhibitionist and lady be sure that I will be a fair audience. Please, thrust me. I swear that I will be a gentleman. I promise you that I will not even touch you if it’s only what you want? My heart beat at full speed when the lady opened the door. For some moments both of us were staying like that without daring to move at all as we were looking each other strait in the eyes. This lady had a so sensuous smile and she let me know with hers eyes and by placing one of hers fingers in front of her mouth that she want that I stay quiet where I was. Moment later I almost forget to breathe as this lady put hers so nice legs out of her car. My dream came true. What a nice lady! She looks so sexy in her light summer dress. And I was right, the lady was nude under her light summer dress. The lady begun to unbutton the two last button of her dress and she start to play what a cat and mousse game as she play very slowly with the material of her dress to let me saw hers breasts and her lower body but each time for only the time of a wink.

The lady let fall her dress to go further in her striptease. It was what a dream to look at her nude body as she was standing there smiling sensually at me with only hers hands to hide hers breasts and her pussy. Moments later, the lady turned on herself to be back to me and she moved her lower back in a so provocating way before she bind herself to let me see her buttocks but again only for the time of a wink before she pick up her dress to cover her lower back with it.

And the game start again, this time, standing face to me the lady cross hers arms and she push with them under both her breasts as she hold hers elbows with hers hands before she stretch very slowly hers hands over her head. Going topless in front of me she wriggled a lot trying to hold the material of her dress between hers legs and behind her back. The lady turn back to me again while one of her hand still try to hold the material of her dress between hers upper legs, the other one holded it over her left shoulder as now she begun to stretch herself so lazily but again for only a short moment before she jumped on the back seat of her car. Be sure that I don’t stop to watch her as she kneeled on this seat with still her body back to me but now with hers legs wide open. I can’t stop to look to her buttocks as the lady played with the material of her dress to clung it again them in a so provocating way! My heart beats at full speed as the lady began to lift up the material of her dress to show me her upper legs and hers so nice buttocks checks. I can’t stop to look at her crotch as now this lady lift up it to her hips. I almost forget to breathe as she bind herself so I can have a good look at her pussy with her so abundant pubis hairs.

The lady let me saw parts of her back and of hers so nice buttocks as she don’t stop to wriggle in a so fascinating way. I whistle and clap my hands to show her my appreciation. The lady turned her head to be able to watch me and with a big smile in her face she continued to play with the material of her dress to hide hers buttocks but always for only some seconds. It was so fascinating as now I saw one of her hand witch touch her pussy. Moment later the lady kneeled to hers toes and she wriggled a lot in front of me. I was so fascinated watching this hand which now open her pussy lips.

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This woman really knows how to perform as now the lady stand up and she stretch herself so lazily on the back seat her car and still playing her cat and mousse game with her dress she begin to move her belly as a baladi’s dancer. Holding the material of her dress in front her lower body, she dance topless. I concentrated my looks on all her body as the lady was moving as if she was making love. To look at her belly button was so exciting. Smiling to me the lady licked hers lips with her sensuous tongue as one of her hand still cover her pussy. I can’t stop watching this hand as I know that the lady so proudly touch herself. In a wink the lady take off her hand from her pussy to smell and to lick hers fingers with a big smile in her face before this hand touch one of her now exposed breast. She let me watch her fondle her breast as she was playing with the nipple before she cover it with her hand. And she start to replay her game with her dress to let me saw one of her breast but only for a small moment at each time, as now a new kind of game begin as she was playing with her hand to hide it or to let me saw her nipple as she fondle it between hers fingers. Standing topless and without moving at all she push with both hers full hands under hers breasts so I take all my times to look to hers dark brown nipples which were now in full erection. Hers nipples fascinated me so mutch with their length and their extra large brown areola.

The lady turn again to be back to me and this time she open hers legs very wide and she bind herself still she can watch me between hers legs. And, this time the lady don’t moved her body at all and she was looking at me with a big smile in her nice looking face as she let me have a very good look at her pussy. I almost forget to breathe, but first of all I was so fascinated by this so nice mature woman face as the lady lick hers sensual lips with her tongue as one of hers eyes give me what a sexy wink. The woman tells me that she was as much excited than myself. With her more sensuous voice, she ask me if I like her crotch. She said that she is not very familiarly with all this but she will like it so much to hear me said vulgar and dirty words. I tell her that for sure I like her crotch, nothing can appends in this world will make me leave her without I try at least all what I can do to please a so nice lady.

I ask her where she had learn to talk with so dirty words, in the same time I ask her if she can came a little bit closer. So I will have a better look at your wet pussy which I wish will be at only inches of my face. I ask this lady to tell me if she will like it if I smell it, if I kiss it and if I lick her wet pussy as one of my hands will fondle each of hers buttocks checks during this. I will like it so much to watch you if you play with one of yours fingers inside your wet pussy and you will fondle your clitoris till the big lips of your pussy will be wide open and in full erection as you will look at me with your so sensually smile all these times, as your cum will drip drop into my face.

Gentleman, you can’t imagine how I like it so much to hear you telling me all these such wild cocky words. You can’t imagine how much it’s exciting to me and how much it’s so stimulating to me to hear your so emotional voice. By your good reaction, you have make me cum. I like it so much to look at you and you look so funny with all these red spots in your face. You look like a clown. I will tell you my impression when I saw you for the first time. You look so in control when I first saw you standing near the road wearing only your step-in. It was so funny catching you pant off in this deserted road. I know that both of us were so perturbed when I almost lost the control of my car coming down this small ill. So, I put that on it why you don’t rush to put your jeans on. But when I returned back by your side, you do like if nothing can’t make you ashamed with still your pant off. You are so incredible! But right now I’m so glad to see that you are in full erection and that you are to be so near of being out of control, just like myself.

As the lady wriggled in moving her crotch in what a wild motion, she tell me that now with one of her finger she was playing with her clit. It’s so exciting doing that in front of a audience and to know that you are watching and coaxing me. Never in our life together, never with my husband did we have such sensual talks! Never in a life time did he asked me to do so wild things. Perhaps he thinks that I’m not a really woman to do such wild things. Ok, I know that I don’t look to much appétissante with at least twenty five pounds over weight but I know for sure that I’m a true woman. You are the first one, man or woman, who take the time to ask me for it. And, I know for sure that my husband never in his life had think at me as a bad girl. Even all the men that I meet every day at work never did they ask me even in a joke to be their playmate. All these men must think that I’m a very respectable woman. They never take the time to ask me as they do for the other women and to each ones of the young woman at work to show them the animal in me. Often in my well awaken dreams I had the fantasy that I will show them that I can be a bad girl and this afternoon gentleman, you are this lucky one.

As she come closer she put hers both hands on my chest. She surprised me by her strength when she push me roughly in my chest as she order me to lie bare back on the ground. Now if you want to play my game, you will be my slave but first you have to respect that I’m a lady and that you have given yours words that you will not even try to touch me. Now I will lead the games my ways. She put hers long and so nice legs each side of my face. She repeat I wish that you will be a gentleman and I will not said it again. Gentleman don’t move at all and don’t even try to touch me or touch yourself or this game will end right away but I promise you that you will not regret it if you let me do it my ways.

The new game begin when the lady use the light contact of the material of her dress again her skin to rub slowly the sheer material again her pussy and between hers full buttocks. I can’t stop looking at her crotch as this tall lady rub the material again her clit as now she was moving her body like a belly dancer as she move her lower body at only inches from my face. The lady asked me for the second time: Gentleman do you like my crotch?

Seeing you with yours so nice upper legs each side of my face and looking at your crotch with your so wet pussy and with your erect clit, with yours big lips so wide open, it’s what a dream, Big Girl. And, to look at all these wetness running down your so abundant pubis hairs, Madam, I like it so much to look at your mont de Vénus. It’s a dream seeing all your nice body moving over me as you shake and move yours butts in a so wild way to show me that you appreciated all the wild words I said to you. I like it so much to see in the same look your so sexy belly button and your generous hips. And over all that it’s what a dream to look at yours big boobs with their so large areola and with your so big and so length dark erect nipples. Big Girl, it’s what a dream to see your big tits. And over all this you can’t imagine how I like it just to look at your so nice smiling face as you don’t stop looking at me strait in the eyes. It’s more that I can stand. Be sure that I appreciated all this and I wish that your performance will never ends. I’m so proud to show you that I’m in full erection. I’m so excited that I’m on the verge of coming without even I have touch myself or you have touch me.

The lady turn back to me and one of her hand touch my erect member through my step-in as she wriggle her crotch at only inches from my face. She bend herself to put her crotch at only inches from my face: Will you like it if I suck your cock and you will cum in my mouth without I will let fall a drop as I will licked your cock to the last drop. I will tell you a secret I swear that it’s the first time in all my life that I dare to said all these dirty words, gentleman you make me cum just to have hear you said all these dirty words to me. I almost cum when she order me to concentrate first on smelling her pussy which was at only inches from my face.

Our foreplay stops abruptly when her cel ring. And, the lady surprised me even more when she runs to her car to take this phone call. Still lying bareback on the ground, I was so please to look at her so sexy body as I heard her tells: Hi, Magee. My dear, you can?t imagined how I has waiting for your call. Now, it must be Magee who talks because it take somes seconds before the lady saids: So my husband is with you? Dear, as I know him, you must know alls about our life. You know that our mariage is goming nowhere, and the poor man needs a shoulder to cry on. Be sure that I take goods looks at her nude body as Magee was saying hers commentaries to my lady who answers. I know it, sweetheart. First, thanks to ship the kids with your husband for a fishing trip while my poor man is crying on yours sloulders. As I know you sweetheart, you must had take advantage of it to open yours legs for him.

The lady turn her head to smile to me and after a wink, she wriggle her buttocks in a so wild and so sexy way. So, I was right. Magee, thanks again to take care of my man in loosing your precious times to make love to him. I had always know that you like it to sacrificed yourself, dear Magee. You are the queen of all the bitches, sweetheart. After you have take care of me yesterday, you do the same treatment for my man today. Sweetheart, you don?t lost your times. But, Magee, today it?s me who will surprise you, dear. Since the times that we said alls to each other on our phones calls at least one everyday. So, sweetheart, it?s my time today? Magee, don?t think that I had only cry on myshelf since I run away from my man this morning. As she was saying that, I game closer to the lady and I heard her husband who said YOU BITCH, YOU ARE BETTER TO TAKE MY CAR HOME AT ONCE, OR??? Fuck the car and fuck you, too dear. Please give the phone to Magee, I had somethings else to tell her.

All this time, the lady was back to me with one of her hand lean on the door of the sport car. The lady bended prococately her lower back and she opened hers legs a little bit as in the same time she begin to wriggle her bottucks like a will invitation to me to take her. First, I fondle my chest again her back. I put an hand on her left breast, my fingers fondle the nipple, while in the same time, I slide my other hand under her knee and slowly I push my hand upper between hers so warm legs. Be sure that as soon that she opens hers legs, my hand came up to her womanhood. Magee, you can?t imagine how I was waiting for your call. Never do like this again with me. It was a nightmare to make me wait like that. Magee, if you know? Magee, I?m not alone. A man stand by my side. Yes and dear Magee you can?t imagine what he is doing to me as I?m talking on the phone with you. O, Mageeeee, his hand under my knee, I?m back to him. Mageeee, now his hand is coming so close of my pussy. No, no. No way for my panty to come wet. I forget to put one this morning. O, Mageee, Mageeee, his hand touch my pussy, now. Magee, o, Mageeeee. His hand fondle my pussy. Magee, Mageeeeee. It fills so good this hand running down slowly on my pussy. Now, a finger opens my lips. Mageee, Mageeeee. It is so good what his finger do to my wet pussy. I?m so wet between my legs.

Dear Magee. O, Mageeeee. My pussy is so wet and all these wetness are running down his hand and down my legs. Mageeee. You must have see us, sweetheart, I?m completely nude standing again the door of the sport car. And, as I?m back to him, this man fondle my clit and his other hand playing under my bottucks. Magee, now the man lick his finger. Magee, o, Mageeee, his finger fondle back my clit again. Mageeeeee. It?s so good his fingers inside my pussy. Magee, now, the man whisper in my ear that he want me to lick his wet finger. O, Magee. Excuse me to let you wait so long, sweetheart. Magee, It was so good and dear you must had hear alls my groans. Magee, we have changed position. I went on the back site of the car and I ask the man to take me doggy style. Right now, his face is between my upper legs. His tongue lick my pussy. O Mageeeee. His teeth bike my upper legs and bike my bottucks, too. Magee you know it too well, where. You always said that my flesh is so sweet there when you do that to me, sweetheart. Mageeeeee. It?s fill so good his mouth on my clit as his tongue fuck me like a cock. O, Mageeee. I brush my breasts again the leather of the back seat all these plus talking to you make me to fill so crasy.

Magee, you have see me so often in these sweet moments with my pussy coming so wet. These sweets moments when I can?t stop asking for more. And right now, I?m asking, asking and asking for more. O, Magee. The fire is in my pussy and in the same time, my pussy is so wet. You know too well what I mean, it’s like always these sweet moments of heaven together. Magee, Mageeeee. Perhaps, I will have trouble to tell you alls what will appends to me, because now his erect cock fondle again my buttocks. O, Mageeee. The warm of his gland again my clit make me wriggle like a wild. O, Magee. The man hold my hips with his two hands to guide his cock into my pussy. O, Mageeee. We have the same reaction both of us in the same time. As, I can?t hold it anymore I push, and he push too his cock came in one drive completely inside my pussy. Mageeeee. You can?t imagine the sweet sensation inside my pussy. Mageee. Since the last twenty seconds, the man stay quiet to let me be fill his cock inside of me. Magee. It?s me now who begin to move. I buck like a bronco for each one of his strokes. Both of us are going very fast now, o, Mageeee, it?s all a contrat to try to follow each other, shut by shut. Mageee, now it?s me who move very slowly all alone his shaft because the man tells me that he had to cool down. This man is realy a gentleman, he tells me that he want to wait for me to have our climax in the same time. Poor Magee, you will have to wait a little bit, it?s all start again. Magee, the man said to me that he will ejaculate. Magee, o, Mageee. I press all my body again him. The man want that I stay a good girl. He tells me that he want to jerk off on my breasts and in my mouth. But, me, I still want him to cum inside of me. Magee, Magee. All my life, I was the good girl. But, this man tell me to think at alls the consequences, so he game out. Magee, the man ask me to hurry to lay bareback on the seat. O, Magee, the man put his cock again my breasts. O Magee, his so erect cock is coming near my mouth, now. I lick his cock as I talk to you dear.

Thanks a lot to have wait for me sweetheart. I can?t hold it anymore. O, Magee, I take his cock with both hands and I rush to put it in my mouth and the man jerk off and cum in my mouth as I put my lips on in cock. It must not be admissible to let a man wait for so long like I do with this man since I was waiting for your phone call. But this man reward me with an erection at least force eight. Magee, he shot his cums in my face.

Excuse me again to let you wait and thanks to stay there for me. O, Mageee, I retake his cock in my mouth as he was shouting more of his cums. You will laugh if you see me, now. His cums creamed all my face, my mouth is still full of his cums, some are running down my lips and my chin. I got sperm on my nose, my eyes, my hairs, some in my neck and on my breasts. My cel it creamed too, so I will have to clean it. Magee wait a little bit please I will clean my face with my hands. O, Magee, it teaste so good as I?m licking my fingers. No, no, Magee. I can?t descript this man to you, now. I saw only his back as he have his head between my legs. He is still licking my clit and I’m so wet.

Mageee, you must have call me earlier. I had make this man wait for so long. Magee, it?s must be forbided to each woman let a man wait as I do with this man. Mageee, Mageeee, it must be a strict obligation for each woman to let a man wait as I do with this man. Magee, it must be teach in school to each teenager girl to let their boy friend learn to take the time to do the préléminaires instead of to rush for a quickie like they do each time that they make love.

O, Mageee, I’m so wet and the man don?t stop to lick my pussy. Mageee, he do it for some seconds than he stops to look at my pussy and at my breasts, he smile to me and he return to lick my pussy, again. Mageee, can you heard the succion noises of his mouth on my pussy, on my lips and on my clit. I like it so much. What?, he want to talk to me. OK, but first, I had to tell you that you are a bitch to make love to my man. Wait the next time that we will be together. I promise you that I will lick your pussy till you can stand it. And, I swear that I will see you make love at least with three man in same times. You do like a whore, Magee, you will act like one and be sure that I will be there to see you in action and to participate too. Magee, it will be a new start for each of us. Ok, I want to talk to my man now.

So, you worried about your sport car. First of all, you must be worried about your wife. I heard the words that the husband was telling to his wife but they can?t be translatele here. His wife tells him. Darling, a nice man lick my pussy and the game only begin so you will have to wait for your car, dear. You want to talk to this nice man? Say hello to the man who lick my pussy. She have to pinch my arm before she persuade me to talk to her man.

Hi, your wife is so smart to me. She knows exactly what she want and I got what it need to please this sweet lady. First, your wife make what a striptease during witch I came hard like never in my life. And what a blow job she give me. I heard the man said bads words and I continue to tell him that I lick her pussy as she scratch my back with hers nails. You are a lucky man to have such a wild woman. She tells me that she want me to cum in her mouth and she said that she will not let any drops fall and she will swallow it alls, but in the hurry of the action, she take somes and she preferred that I creamed all her face, too. But, be sure that she lick and clean it all with her tongue.

His wife give me a very good punch in my chest when I said that to her man. She takes the phone from my hands and she tells to her man: If you don?t believe me. When I be back give me a kiss, my mouth will smell his cum and trust me. Just check my hairs when I will be back and they will smells it, too. The lady give me the cel. OK man now it?s time to take care of such a nice lady. So long, Your wife worth that I take only care of her. Bye.

I let you imagined what appends later but be sure of one thing, it was a great day in the sun with this wild nature girl. All along the afternoon this lady and myself both of us take the time to eat some strawberries. At one moment this woman tells me that it will have been fun if we had some ice cream to eat with them. I tells her that we were almost lost in the nature and the only way to mix the strawberries was with her cum. It?s was what we both were doing at once. Moments later she teased them with my cum and the lady kissed me with her mouth full of it to let me teased them, too.

    In all my fantasy I had always dream to have a one shut affair with a perfect stranger. At least I had my day and it was a lot better than in alls my fantasy. I will let you know that this woman leave me without even I know her first name and where she came from. But before she leave she give me a big kiss and she whisper in my ears that for years she has never being so proud to be a woman. This lady leaves me with a bye, about fifteenth minutes after she has gone, I was always staying there asking myself if I had not dream all these? But, I remembered too well that this lady had been really with me in this deserted road in this sunny afternoon and I had a very good evidence that she was with me. I smile to myself and I laugh as I remembered that this lady had for the second time in this sunny afternoon stopped her car about one hundred feet from me and she had back-up to my side again. And again without stopping the engine car she had ask me with her more sensuous smile. I have a personal request? I know that you are a nice guy. I was so much astonished when she ask me with her more sensuous smile: Can you please gentleman give me your step-in? And she hesitated before she said. If you give them to me be sure that I will deliberately forget them on the back seat of my car and this way it will be very easy to my man to find them. Gentleman I will give almost anything to see his face when he will find them. The bastard have play too many games to me. He had cheated on me for so long. Today it?s about time for him to know that he have pay for all his stupid things? Don?t tell me that I have meet a macho woman? But first can you tell me why you don?t have go away after I had saw you hesitated when I tell you what kind of deal I had in mind?

First as I was crying on myself this morning at the beach I had swear to myself that I will do it with the first nice man that I will meet. And gentleman you were so nice to me. Second as I had never cheat in all my life it was so uneasy for me to realise that I will be cheating, too. Third you were so nice to me. You have take all this times to talk to me. Four, I will tell you one more secret my sweet lover, when I was coming from the beach after I had cry on myself I was so in the mood and for the first time since years I was so willing to do it even if it will be only a one shut deal and with a perfect stranger. But today I had also begin to think at myself as if I will became one of these nymphomaniac women if I do as the new born animal in me tell me so much to be. But now I must go. Please just give me your step-in. As I had put my jeans on I search in the pocket to take them out of it my now so stained step-in and as I gave them to her I said to this lady. I will be ashamed if someone else saw my so stained step-in and after the so great performance that you have done my step-in were not stained with only the strawberries juices. But I know that I?m better to do as you ask or I will have a breakfast speech with my wife if she find them.

And I ask this lady if she is willing to make an other deal, right away. We laugh and moments later she was gone. But I know that both of us will have lots to memory. And what a great day it was to remember to a fifty seven years old man.

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